The Beyond IT Philosophy

Our Mission

We prefer for the Technology in your home to be as simple as possible to install, setup and service. This means we embrace tech that stands on it’s own and doesn’t add complexity to use/service but is still feature rich. We find that 99%+ of our clients are better served with one-to-one tech solutions instead of a fully integrated option. Reality is that our phones/tablets/etc do plenty of integration for most feature desires, so there's no need to add the complexity of a 'Brain' (Control System) such as Control4 or Savant.

Our Promise

Electronics can fail, we combine experience and testing to recommend products that are a blend of features, reliability and serviceability. In your 1 year warranty period we will be in close watch of your system and use with your feedback to ensure any hiccups caused by outside devices or services get as smoothed as possible. Beyond the warranty we are of course still here to assist and if a service call is required would be at our standard rates, we also offer ongoing service/warranty options.

Our Philosophy

We want to disrupt how technology goods and services are delivered by creating an entirely new philosophy based around proper matching of customer experiences with expectations. We start our approach from the service needs and work backwards to a solution that provides the features without complexity in the using/owning life cycle.

Why Us?

The main advantages we've seen our offerings have over systems such as Control4 are Reduce Complexity (In 99%+ cases we can provide the same features/functionality without all the complex 'gold plated' equipment) Major reduction in Single-Point Failures (One piece of equipment failing, won't cause all devices in your room/house to fail) Major Reduction in use of proprietary software/programming (Our equipment is less expensive to replace and won't pigeon hole you to one brand for the life cycle of your system) Increase in Dependability (We focus on using trustworthy products that have shown to be dependable)